Welcome to Dogs Gone Roaming.

Dogs Gone Roaming is a company set up by Stefan Brill and Sarah King.

Dogs Gone Roaming  started as a dog walking business in our hometown of Ipswich.

We would get stopped when walking around the local parks and asked where our dog (Chester) got the items he wore. His wardrobe consisted of collars, bows, bandanas, leads etc all made by Sarah.

Sarah had an obsession with dressing Chester up in items by designers when he was a pup and then decided to make her own. Which became a hobby.
People stopping us became a very regular occurrence. The response we often received was “oh you should sell them”. This was something we had heard before. In the last 3 years we had friends suggest the same but to have strangers admiring and liking our home made items was a huge compliment.

One night I sat down with Sarah. She said she was worried about being able to afford luxuries whilst funding her education as a vet nurse. This is when all the people suggesting we sold the dog accessories Sarah made came in to my head. I said why not give selling them a try.

At that moment Dogs Gone Roaming’s range of designer handmade items became a reality.

Our range of handmade products

In the 3 years prior to setting up Dogs Gone Roaming Sarah had tried many different styles and designs when crafting Chester’s accessories. We knew from day one the products we would be offering were high quality and tested.

Our collars are made with a high quality yet soft webbing and wrapped in fabrics. All sewn together with strong cotton threads. Our plastic buckles, metal buckles and D rings were all sourced for quality and strength and were only decided upon after long periods of testing.

Our bows are also the result of many failed attempts in our quest for the ideal bow. We made many different designs and modified them to ensure they stayed in shape and couldn’t be lost. What you see today is hours of making and months of testing.

Our bandanas are double sided and simple to use. They are folded at the top so all you have to do is slide your dog’s collar through them. They are safe, secure and have no chance of falling off.

Our leads just like our collars are made with the same high quality webbing and have trigger clips that have stood the test of time being used on our dogs.


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